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Who Are Our Readers?
Our readers regularly purchase local, organic, and specialty foods. They are people likely to make grocery store purchases from the specialty and fresh produce sections. They enjoy the interaction of the farmers’ markets, picking their own fresh ingredients and consuming a variety of wines. Bountiful Cupboard readers are not afraid to explore, then use on a regular basis, exotic ingredients in their cooking. Generally, they possess above-average household income. They keep up with the latest research on the benefits of making healthy eating a part of their lifestyle. In other words, they’re the people towards whom you are targeting your products.

What We Offer Our Advertisers
Our engaging, insightful articles and photography only tell half of our story. The best editorial content in the world is not going to garner faithful, regular readers unless it is distributed to those people who find the content interesting and useful. For this reason, Bountiful Cupboard selectively targets distribution to those readers who will read it, keep it, and use it as a resource. Because our readers fit a wide demographic profile, we proactively distribute by:

• Inserting the publication into over 18,000 weekly subscription newspapers in the Southern Wisconsin and Chicagoland area. These readers have paid to receive a local subscription newspaper. They are readers, interested in their local communities, and interested in finding great products locally.
These readers include:
• Between 39 percent and 74 percent with a college degree, over 60 percent in executive/managerial professional positions.
• Those with a mean household income of $113,000.
• In over 71 percent of subscriber homes the publication is read by two or more adults.

In addition, over 5,000 copies of the magazine are distributed via:
• Free public racks at grocery stores,
• Convenience stores,
• Farmers’ markets,
• “Third space” retailers such as coffee shops, book stores and other areas people go to read, reflect, socialize, and relax,
• Other high-visibility, high traffic areas in southern Wisconsin.
There is a special emphasis on those distribution points attractive to tourists and others interested in spending their leisure time (and dollars) in Wisconsin.

Submission Guidelines
We ask that you submit all ads digitally on disk, via email, or uploaded to our FTP site.
We prefer that you send files in the following formats:
• InDesign (any version)
• Adobe PDF file (CMYK, with all fonts and hi-res images embedded). Adobe Distiller Job Options should be set for print optimized.
Postscript Type 1 fonts only. No Truetype fonts.
Please make sure that you include:
• All logos, artwork, scanned photos, etc. (CMYK Mode, 200 DPI).
• All fonts, including screen and printer (sorry NO Truetype fonts).
• Hard copy of the ad and a color proof .
Production Services
Bountiful Cupboard is a publication of Grote Deutsch & Co., Inc.
With over 35 years in the publishing field, we have the expertise to create a superb advertisement for you. Talk to your Bountiful Cupboard representative for details.

The advertising space deadline is the third (3rd) of the month prior to publication for those ads requiring production services, with mechanical or to-spec electronic versions due on the tenth (10th) of the month prior to the month of publication.

Contact Us
To discuss your advertisement, please contact us at:

Bountiful Cupboard
2364 Jackson Street, Suite 306
Stoughton, WI 53589-5404
Voice: 608/877-0766, Fax: 608/877-0688

Terms and Conditions
All advertising is subject to credit approval unless advertising is prepaid.
A Credit Application supplied by Publisher and signed by Advertiser will be provided.
Advertiser failing to provide advertising copy by the stated issue deadlines will not relieve Advertiser from financial responsibility for the reserved space.
Payment for advertising is due from Advertiser within ten days of receipt of invoice from Publisher. If Publisher does not receive payment within thirty (30) days of invoice date, Advertiser agrees that the unpaid balance will be considered past due and will be subject to a 1.5% per month (18% annual) interest charge. Advertiser agrees to pay Publisher a $35 charge for any check returned to Publisher because of insufficient funds.
Publisher accepts responsibility for publishing each ad accurately, as determined by Advertiser’s approval of advertising proof. Publisher will not accept liability for changes made by Advertiser after advertising has been approved. In the event of an error that is determined to be the fault of the Publisher, Advertiser agrees that the full extent of liability of Publisher is to run in the next subsequent issue of the publication a corrected version of the portion in error.
Special placement of advertisements in a specific position or designated page will not be guaranteed unless specifically ordered on the Insertion Order. If specially requested space is already sold for a specific publication issue to another party, Advertiser agrees that its advertisement will be placed elsewhere in the issue, and Publisher will not charge the Advertiser the special placement charge. If Advertiser has prepaid the special placement charge, then Publisher will credit the Advertiser in the case of multi-run contracts or refund the difference to the Advertiser in the case of single-issue contracts.